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Date Added: 04/04/2011 by Kathy K

Summer is now just around the corner and all the couch potatoes who have been packing on weight like myself are now scrabling make sure they look good for bikini season. As it started getting warmer i started wearing thinner clothing and unfortunately i didn't feel sexy when i'd wear tighter clothing. With my busy schedule I don't have enough time to make it to the gym so my friend recommended trying either of beachbody's famous dvd's such as insanity, p90x or turbo fire. I went with Turbo Fire since it seemed fairly new and the infomercial is playing pretty frequently on television. I've been using it for about 2 and a half months and my body has gone through such a transformation. The Turbo Fire Workout incorporates high intensity training that you can do in your own home or living room. Chalene is very motivating in the workout dvd and you get so into the workouts it almost feels like your in a fitness class with Chalene Johnson herself. Using Chalene Johnsons workout method of combining High Intensity Interval Training with her fire drills you will burn fat and set your metabolism to work up to 48 hours so basically what this means is while you're resting or sleeping your body is still continuously burning fat. You get a lot with the Turbo Fire set including 11 DVD's, a fuel nutrition guide and the 5 day inferno plan to hel ypu burn calories, the TurboFire lower-body band and more! I really enjoyed the music that is used in the Turbo Fire DVD's as they get me more motivated. The Turbo Fire Workout DVD will get you sweating like crazy while you burn unwanted calories, build muscle and drop unwanted weight. Don't just take my Turbo Fire Review's word for it and go ahead and order your Turbo Fire Workout DVD's now and get a healthier, sexier you!