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Date Added: 05/19/2012 by Justine

I wanted to submit a review the topsy turvy tomato planter because I was so happy with the results that I got from using it over the last few years. I haven't just used it for strictly tomatoes but also for growing bell peppers. This as seen on tv upside down hanging planter as been extremely popular from what i've read online which doesn't surprise me since it's inexpensive and works great. The one thing I wasn't too satisfied with however is that they don't last very long since they only lasted for a season until they simply decomposed. I found that the tomatoes ripened two weeks earlier than usual and the tomatoes were a lot bigger than the ones I usually get from the tomatoes in the ground. For just $10 it's a worthwhile product to have and you can keep them in your home, balconies or even hang them off tree branches like i've done in the past. Just be prepared to buy a new one next year.