Grow Big, Juicy, Delicious Tomatoes for only
Date Added: 02/23/2011 by Peter

If you want to eat big, fresh home grown tomatoes then you have to order the Tomato Factory. Growing tomatoes can be a lot of work but with the tomato factory it gets rid of all taht back breaking work and allowing you to grow the big, juicy and great tasting tomatoes for all your cooking needs. Tomatos can cost about 2 dollar a pound but with Tomato Factory you can save a lot of money and be able to make delicious salads everyday. What makes the tomato factory produce tomatoes so efficiently is the soil aeration which allows the sun to heat the roots like a green house. It stimulates growth for early ripening and a much higher yield. Tomato factory is just so easy that all you have to do is fill, plant and water and voila your tomatoes will grow in no time. You can get bushels of big and great tasting tomatoes. When you buy tomato factory you get 3 plants which can produce up to 150 pounds of beautiful ripe, home grown tomatoes. Forget buying tomatoes in the stores which are grown with harmful pesticides and get yourself a tomato factory. I've enjoyed making pizza, salsa, delicious salads all with the tomato factory which saves me about 300 per year.