Date Added: 06/04/2011 by Mario

Had to write a snap 2 it review after i've had it for a couple months. If you're anything like me and your garage is a disorganized mess the it's time you look into a solution like Snap 2 It. My garage was a dump for the whole house and my equipment was scattered everywhere taking me forever to find something when I needed it. Snap 2 It Storage System is very simple and efficient and it's not expensive or fancy garage re-designing system. The Snap 2 It uses industrial strength wall docks that all you install anywhere in your garage quickly and easily. There isn't really too many options for organizing ones garage which is why i was so happy to have come across snap to it. I was happy with how long it took for the Snap to It to be delivered to my house and when i got it I set aside the weekend to finally organize my garage which has kept me from parking my car in it with all the clutter. I had a lawn mower, tools, boxes, baskets etc all scattered in my garage. In no time i was able to get things organized with the snap 2 it and after putting some time and elbow grease into the clean up and reorganization of my garage, my garage was no longer an eyesore. After organizing what to keep and what to throw away, I installed the Snap 2 It wall docks and now people are asking me how I keep my garage so organized.