E-Cigarettes to help you Quit Smoking
Date Added: 05/03/2011 by Henry L.

Smoke Assist is the solution to quitting smoking. If you're tired of being addicted to cigarettes and have gotten to the point where cigarettes are controlling you then there is still hope. I knew I had to quit smoking especially as i entered my 30's i knew that I had to kick a 15 year old habit. I got to the point where everytime I had a cigarette I felt sick and my skin was ageing as I was not only smoking a lot but was drinking more coffee to go with my cigarettes on my cigarette breaks. Smoking Cigarettes can also put a drain on your finances as I was buy a pack of smokes per day at a value of about $9, which is about $280/month and $3,348 dollars literally up in smoke. I could only image what I could spend that extra money on instead of doing what made me feel sick. I could take 2 or 3 really nice vacations per year on that money. I've tried many other methods but none of them were successful such as the patch and just trying to quit cold turkey. I came across a review on smoke assist on the net and read how people were raving about smoke assist being the solution to their smoking addiction. Smoking in my life was related to everything. If i was driving i needed a smoke, when i woke up i needed a smoke, on my breaks at work i needed smoke, on my walks downtown i needed a smoke. With Smoke Assist i was able to substitute an old disgusting habit with a healthy one that had no harmful risks and didn't lead to cancer. Smoke Assist comes with a charger so I can charge it in my car which is pretty convenient. With smoking cigarettes comes an oral fixation which you still have to beat while you're on smoke assist but at least you're not ingesting tar and other harmful substances that are in cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes are definately the way to go if you want to quit smoking. I now use it at my desk if i really have a craving and nobody can say anything as it gives off water vapour and not second hand smoking so you can use smoke assist in public places and not have to worry which is great. I'm sure you wouldn't be reading this smoke assist review unless you really wanted to quit smoking so here's your chance. It worked for me that's why i'm writing my own personal smoke assist review and I will gladly give this e-cigarette brand 5 stars.