Date Added: 03/21/2010 by Dave

Gotta Love the Slap Chop!!!! You''re going to love my nuts ? ... Slap away every day ? LOL .. listening to those lines in the infomercial I can't help thinking they were dropped in deliberately as part of yet another brilliant marketing scheme.A big part of this infomercial''s success is the easily mocked pitchmen for the infomercial starring Vince Shlomi, also seen in the Shamwow Infomercial ( another mocked infomercial ... coincidence or marketing genius ?) hyper as ever about his latest kitchen must-have. On a side note, Vince has been voted as one of the most popular infomercial personalities joining a list with Tony Little, Chef Tony, Ron Popeil and the late great Billy Mays. I''m sure we''ll be seeing more products from Vince in years to come. Aside from countless youtube clips mocking the Slap Chop infomercial, the product is highly regarded as a durable and a great help in the kitchen.