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The soothing purr of the Shed Pal motor pulls in the shedding hair without the pain of wire bristles scratching your pet's delicate skin. When Shed Pal's canister is full just open, turn on & eject! The secret is in the Shed Pal's massaging nubs on its U shaped brush that gently gathers hair while the recessed rotating motor sucks hair into the canister.

Benefits of using Shed Pal:

No Pain, Pulling or Snagging
Gentle & Soothing
Great for Both Cats & Dogs
Removes Hair, Dirt & Debris
Easy & Convenient
Works in Seconds

Customer Reviews for Shed Pal

If you've tried the Shed Pal let us know what you thought. Your Shed Pal reviews are greatly appreciated because it lets other customers know about how the Shed Pal really is by first hand expeirence. Please answer any of the following questions such as:

Do you find that the Shed Pal has really stuck to its claims or lived up to its reputation ?

What are the Advantages or Disadvantages you've found by using the Shed Pal ?

Do you find that the Shed Pal is worth the purchase ?

Where did you purchase your Shed Pal ?

Did you recieve the Shed Pal on time ?

Would you recommend buying the Shed Pal to others ?

How was the customer service experience when you ordered the Shed Pal ?

Where did you first hear about the Shed Pal ?

Was the Shipping and Handling chrages for the Shed Pal fair or over priced ?

What do you give the Shed Pal out of 5 stars ?

SeenTV Canada appreciates any of your Shed Pal reviews. Each Shed Pal review will hopefully help visitors make educated decisions when purchasing from the SeenTV Canada line of As Seen on TV Products. To Write your ownShed Pal review click on the link below.

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Date Added: 12/19/2011
The shed pal is definately a product that has revolutionized pet care which is probably why pet owners are rushing to buy this new pet product. My house is so much cleaner since I started grooming my dog with shed pal. Shed Pal is perfect for grooming cats and dogs. I thought my dog was going to attack the shed pal when i started using it but he actually likes it and seems like a person getting a hair cut when i'm grooming him with the shed pal. I've tried brushing him the traditional way and sometimes I could tell he was in pain and then i'd take the clumps of fur off the brush and put it in a bag. This was probably more painful for him but I hated this task. It is so much easier to groom your pet with shed pal and you'll realize how much cleaner your home is after you start using it regularly. The shed pal has a great deal right now since you can get two for the price of one plus they throw in a crazy critter, not sure if that promotion is still going on but I can definately vouch fo...Read Full Review
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 11/07/2011
I decided to write my own shed pal review because i found the shed pal was so effective at removing my dogs hair. I have a 5 year old half german sheppard half husky mix and it`s been a complete nightmare every summer to keep him well groomed. I was getting frustrated constantly having to groom him everyday filling bags full of fur. Fur was getting all over my home, on the carpets, on the couch, and i was leaving the house with fur stuck to my clothes. I needed to do something and taking my dog to a pet grooming salon was going to cost a lot of money. I decided I was going to purchase the shed pal which was an as seen on tv product which was very inexpensive and even cheaper than one appointment at the pet grooming store. Unlike brushes i`ve used in the past, using the shed pal was very painless when grooming my dog. I was really skeptical about buying the shed pal after thinking it was just a vaccuum for dog fur, nevertheless i decided to buy the shed pal and see it for myself. My dog...Read Full Review
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 10/11/2011
I have a Collie which seems to shed all year round and it's become pretty frustrating to keep her fur under control. Taking her to a dog grooming salon can be quite expensive and the usual pet products i've tried from our local pet store didn't seem to take away much headache. I caught the infomercial for Shed Pal on television and was skeptical when I first saw the infomercial. But I had enough of having fur all over our furniture and carpets that something needed to be done. I read a frew Shed Pal reviews before buying it and it seem that the general concensus was that it was a reliable product. It didn't take very long after I had order the Shed Pal online to get to my front door. When I tried it on our dog I found that the Shed Pal really was effective at removing hair and grooming our pet. I can honestly say that there is less fur around the house now and conveniently if there is any fur around the house the Shed Pal comes with an attachment to clean furs on carpet or fabric. Shed...Read Full Review
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 09/24/2011
I have a 4 year siberian huskey which sheds all the time, but in the spring time it gets out of control and is a complete nightmare since she leaves fur all over the house and it comes off in clumps every day. White fur would get all over our furniture, couches, carpets and even on our clothes. We would have to constantly clean up after the dog. I was also debating shaving my entire dog but then she would probably look funny, but i was completely frustrated with our dogs shedding. When I came across some shed pal reviews and saw the shed pal commercial i knew i had to buy it since i was willing to try just about anything and the shed pal was a deal since it was cheap in price. Like most as seen on tv products, i was a bit skeptical and though it was just another gimmick but the shed pal proved me completely wrong. The shed pal doesn't hurt my dog since we don't have to pull on her fur while brushing her. Shed Pal is truely effective at removing hair and ever since we started using shed...Read Full Review
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)


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