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For thousands of years, divers have brought us pearls from the sea floor making this rare natural treasure the ultimate gift from the sea. Now, from the Far East where pearls have been the symbol of beauty, wealth and good fortune for centuries comes the incredible Perfect Pearl!

Imagine the joy of opening an oyster to magically reveal your very own lovely pearl. Now that dream will come true with the one-of-a-kind Perfect Pearl! Each unique Perfect Pearl is grown in it's own Akoya oyster and takes up to 5 years to mature. We want your every dream to be fulfilled so each oyster is x-rayed prior to shipping to make sure it contains a pearl.

Just slide the included opener into the shell and gently pop it open to reveal your own genuine cultured pearl. The beautiful Perfect Pearl makes a priceless gift for anyone very close to your heart. Each Perfect Pearl oyster contains a lustrous pearl in one of the following shades: White, Purple, Cream, Peach, and Black. And each outstanding Perfect Pearl comes with its own genuine silver finished locket and chain. Just open the locket, place your Perfect Pearl in and you've created a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that you can wear anywhere!
perfect pearl akoya oyster
  • Real Akoya oyster with a cultured pearl inside
  • The joy of finding a pearl inside an oyster
  • Each oyster contains either a White, Purple, Cream, Peach, or Black pearl
  • Makes a great gift and present
  • Includes Perfect Pearl in Oyster, Oyster Opening Tool, Silver Locket, and 16 inch Silver Chain
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer*

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