Date Added: 08/02/2011 by Janet

Meatloaf is a popular dish in households across america. If you ever tried to meat loaf in a pan or caserole dish then you probably know how crumbly or greasy it usually ends up. The Perfect Meatloaf is a pan designed specifically to allow you to make a perfect meatloaf. My family instantly could tell the difference when I started cooking with the perfect meatloaf pan and it really does work great. Cooking meatloaf in a caserole dish will usually leave you with a lot of fat and grease at the base of your meatloaf. However with the perfect meatloaf pan has holes at the bottom which allows it to drain all the grease and fat and allow your meatloaf to retain its shape. Perfect Meatlof also comes with a handy cookbook with many meatloaf recipes and a knife to allow you to slice through your thick and juicy meatloaf. The current Perfect Meatloaf offer allows you to get two for the price of one. I gave one to my mother and she says that it was one of the best gifts i've given her.