Pajama Jeans

Available in 8 Sizes Only
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PajamaJeans are so amazingly comfortable you'll want to sleep in them!

pajamajeans as seen on tv Pajama Jeans are now available in Canada! Pajama Jeans are the new stylish pajamas which are stylish and amazingly comfortable that you can sleep in them. This popular As Seen on TV product is made from an exclusive and innovative Dormisoft denim which is made from a proprietary blend of spandex and cotton which conforms to your body, moves and stretches with you while giving you the perfect fit. Pajama Jeans are easy to clean since they are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

PajamaJeans looks like stylish European boot cut denim jeans with high contrast stitching and brass rivets which have become popular for almost all age groups from teenagers to moms and older women too. This new sleepwear is cotton-rich, indigo dyed with a super soft feel so you can look stylish even when you sleep. You can easily put on these pajamas without dealing with zippers or buttons like regular jeans that will get in the way of the comfort but a drawstring to adjust for perfect fit. Whether you're wearing them around the house, to bed or when you travel they're great for whether your lounging on the couch or even outings.

Look stylish, sexy and feel comfortable all at the same time! Pajama Jeans comes in 8 different sizes to choose from. Whether you're looking for an extra small to a 3X Large you can now buy them for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling. As a BONUS you'll also receive a Grey Crewneck Tee to give you a complete look with your Pajama Jeans.

Benefits and Features of PajamaJeans include:

  • Comes in a dark indigo color
  • European styling with high contrast stitching, brass rivets and boot cut fit
  • Feels like sleepwear but look like real denim jeans
  • Five pocket detailing
  • Available in 8 different sizes from extra small to 3XL
  • Mock fly, no zippers or buttons
  • 90% cotton, 5% spandex with a propritary blend of brushed interior Dormisoft
  • Drawstring to give you a perfect fit at the waist
  • Machine washable (wash with cold with like colors and tumble dry low)

To order Pajama Jeans simply call 1-800-328-9530 today!

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Date Added: 03/06/2013
Pajama Jeans are now my favorite jeans because they are stylish and the most comfortable pants I own that I can even sleep in them. Since they are made from Dormisoft material they are stretchy and soft that you'd want to wear them all the time. I like the stitching and european design and you don't have to worry about zippers or buttons. You can finally have the comfort of track pants and the style of european style jeans with Pajama Jeans which makes them so totally worth buying. I haven't seen them in stores but from the Pajama Jeans reviews I've read online they are apparently in select stores but I ordered mine online and still got a great deal and had them delivered right to my door. They are a little too low on the back so when I sit down I feel like i'm exposing a little too much but it's not a big deal since my shirts usually hang lower covering the exposed skin. They are a very unique pair of pants that I haven't seen under any other brand at the mall but are worth getting....Read Full Review
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 01/29/2013
These Pajama jeans were actually more than I was anticipating on spending but in the end they were totally worth the cost. They fit my body really well and I like how there's no hooks or zippers and I like how they're just below my hips which is where I like them to fit. I'm 5'8 and 140 and they fit me perfectly. They actually keep me very warm now that it's winter time here in Canada. I wish they had other colors but I would definitely buy them again....Read Full Review
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 12/07/2012
I absolutely love them!!!! In fact, I've always said that it would be great to have a pajama day for Fridays at work and here I am...wearing my pajama Jeans. Your product stands up to your advertisment for sure. The quality, the style, the fit, the size is 100% a customer satisfaction guarantee. I have seen that the site in the states carry the 'skinny style' and would love a couple of pairs of those. Will you be carrying that style within the very near future? I believe you'll find women will love those too as they can be worn with boots on the outside for that fashion look that's happening. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Read Full Review
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 10/10/2012
I purchased the Pajama Jeans back in February and found them to be very comfy and stylish. It took 2 weeks for them to be delivered which isn't bad in my books for ordering a product online. I wanted to order them last year but they were'nt available in Canada and exclusively available in the US after I emailed the official website. Then suddenly this year I stumbled upon them again at SeenTV Canada and proceeded to order them. My mailman brought a big yellow envelope to my door and when I read the label I couldn't wait to try them on. At a first try I found them extremely comfortable and they were very stretchy and hugged my body nicely. Although they're called Pajama Jeans I still wear mine out since they're pretty stylish. My friends are all asking me where I got them and now they're ordering their own pair as well. They really look like a pair of jeans but are made from a think soft fabric which stretches so you can wear them pretty much anytime whether you're at home, sleeping, ou...Read Full Review
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 10/01/2012
I found the pajama jeans to be extremely comfortable and they look really stylish too. They are such a nice fit since they conform to your body and very smooth. Now that fall is here I'm glad i have a pair because they're perfect for the colder weather since they keep me very warm at night. I did have a problem with them after the first wash however and they shortened about a couple inches. These are probably the coolest pajamas I've ever owned and I've actually worn them out of the house before since they look really stylish and don't look like pajamas.They fit me well around the hips but the only problem with them is i got a little bit of blue dye on my hands after washing them when they were new. Overall these are the coolest pants I've bought in a while. I'm most likely going to order another pair or two in the future since i love them so much....Read Full Review
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

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