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Date Added: 04/01/2011 by Steven

I decided to write my own official paint zoom review as i do a lot of painting and was intreagued when i came across the paint zoom infomercial and saw all the buzz from other paint zoom reviews i had to see if the paint zoom really worked. Normally my crew usually work in commercial buildings and offices. I've been in business for about 10 years and have always relied on standard painting equipment like paint buckets, rollers, and paint brushes and we found that this was not only tiring but also consumed more paint and was messy. We finally decided to get the paint zoom paint sprayer and wanted to see it's effectiveness and if it proved to work as it claimed in the paint zoom infomercial then we were going to invest money on getting more for our paint crew. Unlike other paint guns we've tried the paint zoom was very compact, easy to use and didn't have to rely on plugging into to an outlet like other paint sprayers on the market. My employees loved the paint zoom when i brought it to work one day to try out and loved how it evenly sprayed the walls and wasn't too heavy. The results came out great in the office we painted that day and that's when i decided i was going to invest in getting paint zooms for all my employees. We're able to finish paint jobs a lot quickly and my employees are a lot happier. I highly recommend using the paint zoom as it works very well.