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Date Added: 01/30/2012 by Sandra

Orgreenic is a must have cookware for your kitchen. I was extremely please with how quickly it was delivered to my door after ordering it since i'm usually not expecting products I order online to arrive anytime soon. However the Orgreenic non-stick cookware was money well spent. I like the idea that I don't have to deal with greasy pants and the cleanup is so easy after I'm done cooking with it. You can finally prepare healthy meals without having to depend on sprays, oils, butter with can contain toxins and can be very bad for you. Orgreenic is completely safe to cook with since it is made from ceramic your food comes off of it easily when it is ready to eat. I use it for cooking omelettes in the morning and they come out fluffy and more delicious than ever before. Orgreenic has been known to withstand any temperature unlike other pans and can be used for steaming, sauting, frying etc. I followed the instructions that came with my Orgreenic and recommend anyone who buys it to do the same to make sure you are using it correctly because there is one important step of pre-treatment before you decide to use it and this step is crucial to make sure your orgreenic pan will be non-stick. I thought the ogreenic pan was like most infomercial products I see on tv that don't live up to the hype but I found it so useful I'm using everyday. It's now my favorite kitchen item next to my magic bullet blender. I don't think there is any other pan on the market that can work as effectively as orgreenic cookware. I think whether you're a chef or just cooking at home you'll find this pan to be uber useful.