Date Added: 05/21/2012 by Marlene

I was very impressed with the sound quality from the music bullet speakers. I would happily give these speakers 5 stars. I take my music bullet with me anywhere and can hook it up to my ipod and get great sound. It's amazing how far we've come with technology. I remember having a big ghetto blaster when I was younger to get the same sound I can get from these little portable speakers. The clarity and loudness from these portable speakers was a lot louder than I expected. I'm ordering a second set to buy my younger brother since he's in university and could use a pair of speakers to hook up to his laptop to get better sound when he's watching movies or just to get a better experience when he's listening to music since the sound on his laptop isn't that great. If you're looking for portable rechargeable speakers this is your best bet. The batterly can last up to 6 hours so you can get plenty of listening time so it's great to bring with you anywhere.