Modera XL

30 Day Supply Kit
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Modera XL - Helps you Quit Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs!

Start Fighting Your Craving Today

Clinically effective in reducing cravings; balances brain chemistry
Replenishes vitamins and nutrients depleted from your use during addiction
Tests prove it is a valuable nutrient support system when fighting addiction
Easy to use - just pour the packet in a glass of water and drink

Delicious and sugar free!

Delicious, citrus-flavored ModeraXL is sugar-free and sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener. Every serving contains just 15 calories. It's perfectly safe for diabetics, since it doesn't interfere with sugar levels. As a result, it can become part of virtually any diet without producing counteractive effects.

Each box of ModeraXL comes with 60 single servings. That's enough to keep you feeling better and with fewer cravings for 30 days on the program. However, many people prefer to drink ModeraXL three times each day at the beginning of a program. In fact, you might want to order an extra box to have enough on hand for the first month.

Want a low-cost solution? ModeraXL will save you money!

ModeraXL not only costs less than the costs of supporting your addiction, it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on what you would spend at an addiction treatment facility

How ModeraXL Works:

ModeraXL helps rebalance your brain's depleted neurotransmitters. These are the amino acids and related chemicals that mediate mood. They allow our brains to feel calm, energized and focused, as well as enable us to sleep. When you become addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, neurotransmitters become depleted over time. Without the neurotransmitters properly functioning, you start depending on the addictive substance to do what your body should be doing naturally.

When you go through detox, one of the reasons you suffer withdrawal is because your body doesn't have enough neurotransmitters to make you feel well. They take time to replenish. So until now, there wasn't much you could do but sweat it out � hopefully in a qualified drug treatment clinic, and wait for the pain to pass.

But now, ModeraXL makes detox and rehab easier by taking the edge off of cravings. Many users say they don't have any cravings at all once they start drinking ModeraXL. ModeraXL provides the essential building blocks your body and your brain need to heal faster and function normally.

Quit Smoking!


You have decided that you want FREEDOM FROM SMOKING. It is important to you and all those who care about you. MODERA increases your chances of stopping without ever falling back into the smoking habit.

Now it can be easier than ever before to stop smoking with Modera!

The secret to addiction is in your brain, and that secret is at the base of a successful stop smoking program.

  • Addiction to tobacco is from a lack of nutrients and neurotransmitters in the brain
  • ModeraXL is the best nutritional support to balance brain chemistry
  • Infused with vitamins, amino acids and nutrients to support normal brain function
  • Kick your smoking addiction for good
  • Lead a healthy life with a solid foundation to live smoke-free

ModeraXL and Smokers:

ModeraXL can help! ModeraXL gets to the root of the issue, and by supporting the exact parts of the brain that are affected by nicotine, it has been shown in studies nutritionally supporting reduced nicotine craving and use.

People like to smoke because nicotine increases the effect of many neurotransmitters in our brains, helping us feel alert, energized, and calm. However, this process also depletes these same neurotransmitters, leading to the need to smoke more and more to get the same mood altering effect. Tobacco addiction is driven by imbalance in the neurotransmitter systems of the brain. Our neurotransmitters are natural brain chemicals that mediate mood, and allow us to feel calm, energized, happy, excited, rewarded, focused, and able to sleep. Many factors deplete or throw our neurotransmitters out of balance, including genetics, stress, trauma, illness, and the ongoing use of mood altering chemicals, such as nicotine.

WHEN NEURTRANSMITTERS ARE OUT OF BALANCE, WE ARE UNABLE TO FEEL CALM, RELAXED OR ENERGIZED. This is why we keep smoking, but what if there was a way to replenish our brains without turning to destructive habits?

Introducing ModeraXL. ModeraXL is carefully formulated to jumpstart this rebalancing process by providing the exact nutrients our brain needs.

  • Includes natural herbs to replenish and revitalize
  • Nutrients and vitamins to support adrenal function
  • Help us feel calm, energized and able to deal with stress
  • Curb the desire to eat instead of smoking, often regulating weight!

Make Modera a Habit!

You have just read a small bit of information about proper nourishment for the brain and how it can help you enhance your ability to overcome your smoking habit and stay smoke-free for the rest of your life. You can do it with your commitment and proper nourishment of the brain through the daily use of ModeraXL. Join the thousands who have escaped the chains of addiction and are leading a drug-free, alcohol-free and smoking-free life. You can do it and we stand by to help.

Modera has no known adverse effects and even comes with an unconditional 30-Day money back guarantee.

Quit Drugs

Taking drugs, if you feel lost. ModeraXL is your shortcut home.

Drugs were only meant to be a quick escape to euphoria. You never set out to get hooked. Taking drugs detoured you from your friends and family, your job and your passion and you lost your way.

You probably wondered if you'd ever get back. Now you've got a chance.

You want your cravings for drugs to stop. But you don't want to suffer through getting clean.

Here are easy directions to get back home without fear and suffering. But to make it. You must fix the biochemical problem, your brain. That's exactly what ModeraXL does for you.

Neurotransmitters in your brain were depleted by drug use. Your brain got out of balance. Its normal workers stopped handling their usual duties. So your brain turned to the drug to function. It craved more. It convinced you something important was missing. And you thought it was just you wanting to get high again.

ModeraXL contains the vital nutrients to balance your brain chemistry. You'll notice a calmative effect and mental clarity so you can start making good decisions again. It is how you re-program your brain's GPS for peace and happiness. Here are a couple examples of why mental clarity is important.

  • To win back friends and family. You'll need to show them "You're Back." Those who still love you but doubt you because of your drug use, feel scared and hurt. They want YOU back, but they require real proof, not empty promises. By ModeraXL, your loved ones will get to see the old you. They'll hear the old you. They'll feel the old you and It will give them confidence. They'll build on it to love "The New You" even bigger and better than before.
  • You'll have a solid foundation for therapy or a 12-Step Program. All of you will be present your body, your mind, and your spirit to succeed.
  • You'll need more than good intentions to get clean and stay clean. Those drug users with only good intentions are usually the ones who suffer a relapse. You need a brain that is functioning normally, not a dysfunctional one getting by relying on a drug and constantly craving more.
  • Your brain's GPS will have you knowing where you are at all times. You'll also be programmed to go for more of what you want out of lifesuch as more fun, more money, more love, and more happiness.

Stop Chasing the Next High. Start Chasing Your Dreams.

Your timing is great. It took more than 10 years of scientific research to develop the patent-pending formula for ModeraXL. Now you don't have to wait. And your loved ones don't have to wait to enjoy you again.

The proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids inhibits your cravings so you stop chasing the next high. You'll be focused on getting back home to your life with the people, things, and dreams you love.

All you do is open a stick pack of ModeraXL, pour it into water and enjoy a citrus-flavored drink. Do it two or more times a day. As quickly as it took to get lost, you'll feel like you're finding your way back home to the life you want starring the real, authentic you.

You can make a secure order online for ModeraXL the moment you're ready. Your support will be shipped to you within 24 hours. It comes in a discreet package so you don't have to broadcast it to the world. The stick packs you mix with water fit easily into a pocket or purse so you can take them in privacy with you to work or wherever you go in complete privacy.

ModeraXL is Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance Road to Recovery.

Try ModeraXL now. ModeraXL costs much less. It costs much less than your drug habit did, and for only $99.95, the ModeraXL Standard option gives you a box with 60 stick packs of support or two a day for one month. If you want the comfort of added support, the money saving Two-Box Special gives you 120 stick packs or four a day. It costs only $149.95.

Both orders come with a 100% money back guarantee. So the only thing you have to lose is the drug addiction that led you astray.

Quit Alcohol

Quit Drinking Alcohol with the Help of ModeraXL

You've come to the right place. Here you'll get hope, help, and a solution to your alcohol problem. Even if you've failed before, you can still get clean and sober with ModeraXL.

With ModeraXL, alcohol detox and recovery can be easier and more convenient. You can hold on to your job and return to being more productive,You can smile and breathe again. You can look in the mirror. And your loved ones can see the person they've been missing during your addiction. But to do this in a reasonable period of time you need the latest innovation that science has to offer.

ModeraXL Delivers the Missing Link in Alcohol Detox, a Vital Step in Recovery.

Treatment of alcohol dependency has been missing something. Nothing has addressed the biochemical aspect. How do you repair a brain that is out of balance by alcohol abuse? Sure, there are dangerous prescription medications. Or there is therapy to talk yourself out of drinking alcohol. But you can have cravings long after you quit and relapse is usually going to be a matter of when not if.

A Breakthrough based on more than 10 Years of Scientific Research.

It took that long in the laboratory to find this addiction solution. In addition recent clinical trials, ModeraXL has been proven to help real people just like you get back their lives after battling addictions to alcohol. Most subjects said they got positive results in less than two weeks. Some only required a few or days or even hours. With ModeraXL, You Can Drink Your Way Free from Alcohol.

It's ironic. If you drink too much alcohol, now simply by drinking ModeraXL to get back the life you want. The patent-pending, All-Natural blend balances your brain chemistry and inhibits your cravings for alcohol. As if that's not enough, you can do it in the privacy of you home-all at a reasonable cost.

Here's all you do. Take a stick pack loaded with vital nutrients. You pour it into a glass or bottle of water and enjoy a lemon lime-flavored drink. You do this two or more times a day and you're on the way to ending your drinking problem.

Won't It Feel Great to Think About Life Instead of Just Your Next Drink?

The calmative formula of ModeraXL promotes good decisions. This is what your friends and family hope to see. Don't think for a second they don't have their own desire for you to quit. They're dying for you to beat this drinking problem. They've been down on you because it confused them. It hurt them and scared them. Your loved ones will need real proof you're no longer focused on your next drink. And with ModeraXL, you'll be able to give them proof day after day, night after night.

An added bonus is if you choose therapy, or you want the support of a 12-Step Program, now you'll have real support and mental clarity. This is a solid foundation upon which to build the new life of your dreams.

The Most Direct Way Through Alcohol Detox.

With ModeraXL, you can make quitting alcohol easier than ever. You can actually start ModeraXL while you are still drinking alcohol. You'll start to balance your brain chemistry and promote mental clarity. You'll start to replenish your brain's neurotransmitters that were depleted by alcohol abuse. You'll start to inhibit your cravings for alcohol and naturally wean yourself free.

You'll start to save money, too. The ModeraXL Standard option is only $99.95 $79.95. It gives you 60 stick packs of support or two a day for one month. If you want the comfort of added support, you'll save even more with the ModeraXL Three-Box option. Delivering 180 stick packs of support or four a day and it costs only $199.95, a savings of over $40.

You can get both options of ModeraXL the moment you're ready to make a secure order online. Your choice for support to quit alcohol will be shipped to you within 24 hours. And it will arrive in a discreet package that protects your privacy.

ModeraXL has no known adverse effects. So, now you can depend on this scientifically-proven breakthrough to help break your dependency from alcohol. It comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Why focus on fears of drying out from alcohol? Focus on trying out ModeraXL as the solution you need.

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