Date Added: 03/31/2011 by Stathy

Micro Touch Max was a great as seen on tv product i got in the mail 3 weeks ago which i've purchaed online after seeing the infomercial a few times. This compact trimmer allows me to trim unwanted facial hair very easily and i used it now every few days with my regular grooming. I've had a few accidental hack jobs while trimming and found that with the micro touch max it's very precise with trimming. I really liked the fact that it was so small as well so i can carry it around with me in my brief case or gym bag. The product was very affordable and came with a 10 piece grooming kit you can see yourself on this website. So if your looking for a portable hair trimmer, that's effective, affordable and easy to use then you'll want to buy the Micro Touch Max hair trimmer. I give this product 5 stars because i was extremely happy with it and will be buying it for my dad as well.