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Date Added: 04/08/2012 by Rosa

It took a bit of tweaking to get my magic mesh to fit my door frame which measured 39" in width. Once I got it installed I also adjusted the length so it wouldn't drag on the floor as well by lifting it a bit higher. All though it required a bit more effort than I expected to install it it was well worth it in the end. To be honest I found the double sided tape that comes iwth the magic mesh isn't the best however my husband had some better quality heavy duty double sided tape which i ended up using instead which worked a lot better to hold up the magic mesh screen door so I recommend buying some as well to get it installed so it's more secure. I read a few negative magic mesh reviews which puzzled me because i'm not sure what people expect for the price. Clearly if you abuse it it will rip. I've had my magic mesh up for a few months now and have to say it's still working great and is still holding up fine. I love the magic mesh and think it's a great solution to fit single doors and letting fresh air in and keeping bugs out during the warm months.