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Date Added: 04/07/2012 by Nia

live in Kentucky and Mosquitos can be quite rampant here and outside my door they are just waiting for it to open so they can come in and put me in a wild goose chase to get rid of them. I know i had enought when one night i was sleeping and a mosquito buzzed right in my ear and creeped me right out. I expect to be bitten by mosquitos when I leave my home but when I'm inside my place I expect to be in total peace from all of them which is why i purchased the magic mesh screen door. I heard some horror stores of people buying them from amazon and getting defective ones so I used SeenTV Canada which uses the official magic mesh website when you click the buy now button and despite being charged extra shipping charges i was able to fix the issue right away by calling the magic mesh customer service. I was able to get it up and ready to go in no time. I had to use some extra small nails because there wasn't enough tacks or I could have used more to secure it more firmly into place the way I wanted. I think the magic mesh is a terrific invention and now my jack russell can move in and out freely without having to bark at the door every time he needs to go do his business.