Reviews: Magic Mesh Canada - Magnetic Screen Door - Special TV Offer

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Date Added: 04/07/2012 by Angela

I got my magic mesh two weeks ago and received all the velcro straps for both doors and the large black thumb tacks which also give you extra ways to attach and secure the magic mesh to the door frame. A bit of advice when you decide to put your magic mesh up make sure you clean the walls so that the velcro sticks to the walls securely otherwise it won't stick. If found the magnetic mesh screen door very easy to install and had it up in just minutes thanks to the help of my grandson. It took my dog a few times to get used to the idea of what it was and now he passes through the magic mesh whenever he wants to enter or leave the house and the magnets all snap together as he passes through. I love my magic mesh because it does keep the bugs out. For some reason I was charged a little bit more but after I called the magic mesh customer service they handled my issue very professionally and quickly. I would recommend this product to anyone thinking about buying it. I no longer have to open the door for my dog as he can come and go as he pleases whenever he has to do his business.