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Date Added: 03/19/2012 by Suzi

A lot of people have probably seen the magic mesh instant screen door which has been widely advertised on television and wondered if it works. Well I decided to submit my own Magic Mesh Review to let you know that this magnetic instant door actually works. The magic mesh infomercial almost makes this product sound too good to be true for the price but after ordering it, installing the screen door and seeing it's use in action i had to let others know about this product - hence my magic mesh review. I've read that the magic mesh has become one of the most popular as seen on tv products of 2011 and due to how effective this magnetic screen door is it's really no surprise to me. Since it came with a 30 day moneyback guarantee I knew that if I didn't like the magic mesh then I would just send it back. I ordered my magic mesh instant screen door off the web and within weeks it arrived. The kitchen which is on the main floor in the back of our home has an entrance however the door does not have a screen door so when I'm cooking when the weather is warm it can get pretty hot and uncomfortable in the kitchen. The Magic Mesh was a great solution to install on the back door so that I can just keep the door open and not worry about insects coming into my home while keeping me cool at the same time while I cook. I gave the second Magic Mesh to my brother's family and they've also installed the screen door on their home as well and had only positive reviews about the product themselves. The magic mesh system is very easy to install as the velcro sticky tabs that you place along the top of the door stick to the magic mesh allowing no need for tools to install it. The instant screen easily just installs into place as advertised in the infomercial and it's holes are small enough to keep even the smallest bugs or insects out of your home. Considering the price of the magic mesh screen door it's well worth the money. It's not the best quality but it's almost expected for the price. My brother said he likes how it doesn't really make much noise when people are going in and out of the house walking through the magnetic screen mesh so you don't have to worry about slamming doors. If you're looking for a replacement for a screen door this is not it but it's a great temporary solution for one. I'm ordering a few more magic mesh screen doors already for my sister who could use one for her RV.