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Date Added: 07/22/2011 by Inga

The Magic Mesh Screen Door is truely an ingenious product which to no surprise is why customers. I've read other magic mesh screen door reviews and have to agree with any customers who were happy with their purchase. I think it's important for customers to know the dimensions as I had to email them to find out what they are. The Magic Mesh comes with two panels that measure 84 X 19.5 inches which is perfect for any standard door frame. If you have kids or pets then you'll find this product to be very useful as they can enter and leave as they please and you're dog can also freely leave without having to paw at the door. Magic Mesh is made from quality material and is able to keep the sound from outside to a minimum as well which i was surprised to find. Save money and energy as it allows the cool air to enter your home. As other magic mesh reviews have stated, i installed a second set at my cottage so that I can freely serve guests outside on our patio easily and of course as advertised the magic mesh keeps any bugs or mosquitos from entering your home. I recommend doing what I did, buy two of them and i'm sure you'll make good use of them. Hopefully my magic mesh review will help shed some light on how great this product is.