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Date Added: 04/07/2012 by Zohran

I bought this magic mesh sliding door and found it easy to install since we used the hook-and-look instead of the tacks because we have vinyl siding. I worked well in keeping the insects out of our home for the most part and our dog go in and out by himself. However I found when it was too windy the magnets would open and a few insects would get in. I works as advertised for the most part. I decided to read some magic mesh reviews before I purchased it but found that there were so many opposing reviews I decided to purchase it for myself to see how it works and if it truely wasn't worth it I would send it back. I found it pretty handy since before I purchaed the magic mesh I would just leave the door open or the sliding door open so my dog can go in and out and we'd always have flies or insects coming into the house.