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Date Added: 09/17/2011 by Brittany

I've had my magic mesh screen door for a week now and really happy with how its keeping the leatherjackets which are look like giant mosquitos but don't bite. Everytime my door would open more of them would get into my house which became annoying which is why i wanted to buy the magic mesh so bad. This time osf the year in souther ontario they get pretty bad and they are also called mosquito eaters. From what i've read they can damage your grass and they have been out of control in the last month. The magic mesh screen door did a great job of keeping them out while letting in fresh air during the daytime, since days can be pretty warm and nights get cold. I've looked into other alternatives for screen doors but the magic mesh reviews convinced me to try it out and it was definately the cheapest solution for screen doors in terms of price. I would definately recommend buying this as it will come in handy for spring, summer and fall seasons. It can fit any standard door frame measuring 19.5 x 84 inches if anyone wants to know the dimensions. I had to email them to get the dimensions for the magic mesh.