Reviews: Magic Mesh Canada - Magnetic Screen Door - Special TV Offer

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Date Added: 05/20/2012 by Will

I consider myself lucky and glad to have one of these. I find that mine works very well and exactly and exactly as advertised. I do suggest using tacks or small nails to get the velcro strips to stick to the door frame to secure it in place. Magic Mesh is a solution to a common problem which worked for me and isn't costly at all. It was a little longer than I needed it so I just rolled up the base a bit. This isn't a screen door and screen doors will cost you way more than what this curtain will cost you and will not work the same since the magic mesh lets your pets roam in and out of the using passing through the magnetic curtains. It was very easy to install and I recommend making sure that the magnets are lined up while you have the magic mesh laying on the floor. Great buy!