Date Added: 12/05/2009 by Marie

About a month ago, I saw the advertisement for Heel Tastic on TV. Like you, I normally do not buy as seen on TV products because I do not like to wait for the products to ship. Heel Tastic was different because its not a product I would like to have, but a product that I needed to have.

For the longest time I have suffered from dry skin on most contact areas of my skin. I am not in any sport or rigorous activity, I just have dry skin! I have tried a lot of OTC skin moisturizers but they just did not seem to do the trick. The Heel Tastic roll-on cream has helped my dry skin to the point where I no longer need to use an immense amount of product on my feet. I save the moisturizer for my skin and use the Heel Tastic on my feet- the way it should be. Thank you for reviewing this product and bringing it to light. While I did not hear about Heel Tastic from your blog directly, I am sure it is bringing awareness to others!