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Date Added: 04/05/2011 by Liz Anne

You've probably seen the infomercial on tv for the healthmaster blender which is endorsed by montel williams. This large capacity blender that allows you to blend fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies and more. The healthmaster blender doesn't just blend whatever you put into it but also acts as an emulsifier. I was using a food processor prior to getting my healthmaster blender and always had a lot of left overs that had to be thrown away like the skin. However the skin is known to have a lot of nutritional value. The great thing about the healthmaster blender is that it liquifies whatever you put into it. I can put carrots, greens, apples into the blender and everything liquifies. I'm sure most people look at the price tag as the healthmaster blender isn't a cheap product however you do get what you pay for and the healthmaster blender is worth the money. It is supposed to be comparable to the vitamix blender but believe me it's better and only a third of the cost.