Date Added: 04/18/2011 by Amber

I was every pleased using the Joan River Great Hair Day product which I purchased on this site. I used the blonde color that came with my Great Hair Day kit and it was able to hide the thinning area of my scalp. I'm a caucasian female and thinning hair has always been a problem for me and i hated the fact that you could see through my thinning hair and see my scalp as it was very embarassing for me and made me very self concious. After applying the Great Hair Day however i felt more confident. I'm not really sure how the Great Hair Day product will hold up when the weather starts to get hot but for now it's my new miracle solution that i love. I just want to say thanks to Joan Rivers for creating a product I can fully stand behind. It took some getting used to when applying the great hair day product to my head but eventually i was able to use it evenly on my head and the result was that it looked completely natural when i was done applying it. I would like to write another great hair day review when the summer time comes. I dyed my hair blond to hide the thinning hair but I feel with great hair day i can go back to my natural darker colors and apply great hair day to hide my visible scalp.