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Date Added: 12/19/2011 by Coleen

I've been wearing my forever lazy pajamas for about a month now and they are easily my favorite pair of clothing in my closet when i'm around the house. In fact i loved my forever lazy pajamas so much i decided to buy them for some friends at work as a christmas gift. I wasn't surprised when they came back to me saying how much they loved their forever lazy pajamas. I didn't think i was going to love these pajamas as much i did, but now i wouldn't want to wear anything else. I saw them for sale just recently in stores but they are a lot more expensive in stores, i recommend taking advantage of the forever lazy deal online where you can buy one and get one free. I've already order sets of forever lazy's for my family for christmas and i'm almost positive they will love it as much as I have. I had give my own forever lazy review because i wanted others to know that this is one as seen on tv product that i stand behind. If you want to stay warm and comfortable this winter then a pair of these pajamas and you'll definately keep warm.