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Date Added: 02/28/2012 by Tom

I think most people cant do a situp properly like myself and finding it so uncomfortable I could never bring myself to a routine of doing situps like i should thus my abs have been neglected and i have developed a belly even though the rest of my body isnt in the worst shape. If you really want to get your abs moving without having to do the uncomfortable ab workouts like situps or crunches then youll have to try the new fda approved flex belt. Both me and my wife use the flex belt daily which makes the ab belt great for both men and women. I did research on the flex belt prior to purchasing it and have found that not only is there hard proof from science and stats that the flex belt is potentially the best ab belt on the marketing but also from the positive customer flex belt reviews it seems that most if not all people were happy with the flex belt. I use my flex belt while watching tv, doing, work, or driving or whatever way gets me 20 minutes of using the flex belt to get my ab workout. If youre looking to lose weight for the new year then youll want to get the flex belt. This will be a great product to help you lose inches off your waist without having to do another situp or crunch. Ive been using flex belt for little over a month now and have already seen results and so has my wife. The secret it to be sure to use it daily and compliment your daily use of the flex belt with a balanced diet and youll find your midsection will look better in only a few weeks.