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flip jack pan Making pancakes the traditional way can be a mess to make and sometimes a pain to flip and also tend to burn and stick if there isn't enough oil or grease on the surface. Now Orgreenic introduces the all-new Flip Jack Pan, a revolutionary non-stick pan that makes pancakes the fast and easy way without any mess.

The Flip Jack Pancake Pan is created by Orgreenic who is best known for making non-stick cookware which has been featured on infomercials across the United States and Canada.

It's dual hinged cooking design with Orgreenic's ceramic surface so that nothing ever sticks. Its revolutionary non-stick surface allows you to make perfect pancakes every time without having to use any grease, oil or butter. The Flip Jack pan's surface is not only non-stick but also non-toxic. No need to use a spatula and you can flip your pancakes with just one hand just by turning the handle.

It's designed to look like two frying pans that are hinged together and eliminates the issue of getting batter and mess all over the place when you flip it. To make perfect golden pancakes you just add your favorite pancake batter in the Flip Jack pan and close the lid. Using it's stay cool handles you can just flip it over and then open it up when ready for perfectly shaped and delicious pancakes.

Flip Jack pan also works great for making other delicious foods too such as eggs over easy without breaking the yolk, gourmet grill cheese sandwiches and scrumptious french toast and more!

Just add your favorite pancake batter, close the lid and flip the pan! With Flip Jack you'll get perfect full sized flap jacks just like in the restaurant!

Making pancakes can sometimes be a frustrating task while you struggle to flip pancakes with a spatula. No need to deal with the pain and mess of making pancakes. Introducing the Flip Jack Pan, the easy and convenient way to make perfect flapjacks every single time in just seconds. Using the original and revolutionary Orgreenic Ceramic Cookware's non-stick and non-toxic coating surface you can make flawless full-sized pancakes just like in a restaurant right in your own home.

Flip Jack is made with Orgreenic Ceramics Nonstick and Nontoxic coating. With this coating, pancakes slide easily out of the pan and you can cook with less oils and fats!

To use the Flip Jack Pan just add your favorite batter, close the lid and flip the pan. It's so easy to use you can do it with one hand. When the pancakes are ready you can just slide them right out onto a platter or plate. The non-stick surface works so well even burnt cheese doesn't stick and slides right off without scrubbing. Not only can the Flip Jack Pan make perfect FlapJacks but it can also make perfect over easy eggs and more!

The Secret is the dual hinged cooking design with Orgreenic nonstick surface. The tight fit design helps keep the batter inside, so there are less drips or mess!

Forget using spatulas and cooking pancakes the traditional way which can be tiring and messy. The Orgreenic FlipJack Pan has a special non-stick non-toxic surface and dual hinge design keeps the batter inside so there no mess and no drips. Making pancakes couldn't be any easier and now you can make delicious flapjacks right in your own home with the FlipJack Pan. Since the Orgreenic FlipJack Pan has as non-stick surface you won't have to use butter or fat to make your flapjacks so they'll also be healthier with fewer calories.

SPECIAL INTERNET OFFER: When you order the Flip Jack Pan you can also get an additional Flip Jack Pan and Batter Pitcher for a separate fee of $12.99. So you'll get Two Flip Jack Pans PLUS an a batter picture for this exclusive internet offer. Your order will be covered by a 100% money back guarantee so if you don't like your Flip Jack just send it back and you'll get a full refund less the shipping and handling cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take 3-6 weeks for the FlipJack Pan to be delivered to my address ?

Since demand can be unpredictable at different times of the year shipping MAY take 3-6 weeks. However we do our best to make sure that products are delivered as quickly as possible to avoid back orders.

How can I make changes to my order ?

To contact customer service directly for the FlipJack Pan please call customer service directly at 1-800-777-4034. Phone number, email, ZIP code, last name will be needed to track your order successfully and orders will be absolutely fixed for you. Orders do take 24 hours to enter the system from the time an order is placed so if you called before 24 hours the order may not be logged in the system.

Why has my card not been charged after I placed my order ?

Orders are processed and the card is charged within 24 hours until the product is shipped out to your address.

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