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Date Added: 02/21/2011 by Cheryl

Easy Reach Plant Pulley was a great investment as it is great for anyone that wants to avoid accidents or injuries they might sustain while trying to hang plants. Water and pruning my plants with the Easy Reach Plant Pulley has never made this chore easier. This product is an idea way of hanging plants that are far within reach. I hang a long of fruit baskets and herb baskets in my kitchen which are hung higher than i'd like to reach especially since i'm only 5'3. In the past i've had to resort to using a step ladder or a chair which was pretty risky. Easy Reach Plant Pulley works with just about any standard plant hanger. I found this very convenient because whenever i need herbs for cooking I just use the pulley to bring down the herbs basket and I can just grab them and they retract back up again when I got what I wanted. My husband actually uses it for his tools in the garage so keep in mind the easy reach plant pulley does a lot more than just work for plants. The easy reach plant pulley is know to withstand up to 25 pounds of weight and can extend down 31 inches. My Easy Reach Plant Pulley review is just to let others know about this fantastic as seen on tv product that can be purchased for only 10 dollars.