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Date Added: 06/06/2012 by Selena V.

I'm really happy with my purchase of the Diamond Z4 Ring. I've purhcased jewelry from the home shopping network before but when I saw the infomercial for the Sterling Collection's Diamond Z4 I new that I had to have it. It truely is a beautiful and outstanding piece and everything I'd hoped it to be. It's now become my favorite ring which I wear all the time now and I sometimes get other women commenting on how beautiful they thing it is. Little do they know how little I paid for it since the Diamond Z4 is very inexpensive. I read from other diamond z4 reviews suggesting using it as an engagement ring but I'm not sure if any guy would really ever buy it as an engagement ring because I don't know how i'd feel if I found out my special engagement ring was worth under $20 dollars. However it is a beautiful ring to wear. You probably won't ever find a ring like this in stores for the price that is offered online so I suggest ordering it while the Diamond Z4 deal is still around. I don't really care for the rings details or it's certificate of authenticity as i'm not a collector but the Diamond Z4 is truely a elegant and flawless ring that any woman would appreciate wearing and best of all you don't have to spend a lot of money on it.