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Date Added: 02/20/2012 by Angela

I honestly think the comfortisse bra is the answer to all womens problems when it comes to getting proper comfort and support from a bra and best of all it isn't an expensive solution. I was comparing the ahh bra vs the comfortisse bra and decided to go with the comfortisse bra soley because it offered more bras for the same price. Unlike the old fashion bras that i've worn before the comfortisse bra does a great job of eliminating dealing with wires and hooks and you just just put it on like any shirt and you're all set as it works as a comfort bra and support bra in one. I've also worn my comfortisse bra to the gym and it works much similar to a sports bra as well. In fact you can't even tell the difference. I've also spent quite a bit of money on sports bras in the past and it's great that you can get an all-purpose bra like the comfortise bra. It was designed using seamless italian loom construction from one of the comfortisse bra reviews i've read which is what gives you total comfort. It eliminates any buldges and wrinkles and smooths out your body giving you a more flattering look with great frontal lift with just makes you look so much better. Considering the cost of your average bras the comfortisse bra is really a no brainer since it provides the best in comfort and support and is affordablly priced which is what makes the comfortise bra such an incredible deal.