Date Added: 12/11/2011 by Robert

I work in a restaurant as a chef so I always like to try out any new gadgets or kitchen accessories that can make cooking or my experience in the kitchen better. I came across the chef basket on tv on night on an infomercial and decided to order it. I thought the chef basket was an innovative and genius product to use in the kitchen especially since i'm a fast food chef. The first time I used the chef basket was during a barbeque I had at my house where I made delicious juicy burgers along with onion rings and french fries that i fried using the chef basket. I've also used it to boil pasta as well as long as the pasta is a certain size so be sure not to use small pastas or macaronis when using the chef basket because it will just call through the holes. I've also used it to steam vegetables, my favorite is usually steaming broccoli. I was quite impressed by how well it worked! I've also prepared chicken tenders using the chef basket and the results were great. This is really a safe and easy to use product. I've read other chef basket reviews where some people have used it as a hanging basket which i thought was pretty clever. In my opinion the chef basket is a must have!