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Date Added: 02/23/2012 by Maureen

I was watching television with the family when I came across the big boss grill infomecial. Usually we don't buy any as seen on on tv products but something gave me the feeling that the big boss grill was worth the try. I have to say that after ordering and using the big boss grill regularly it was money well spent. I waited for two weeks before I got my big boss grill delivered and I was super anxious to give it a try and after the first try it was well worth waiting for. The Big Boss Grill is a 15 piece grill set that can be used in a variety of ways for grilling, griddling, making delicious waffles in the morning, creating omlets, donuts, tasty sandwhiches and so many different ways to create meals and snacks so tasty you'll devour them. I think that's what separates the big boss grill from most kitchen appliances that are available on the market is it's versatility to make so many different types of foods and you can make a 3 coarse meal just using this famous as seen on tv grill. It has many different cooking plates that come with it that are used depending on what you're making for instance if you're making waffles you would use the waffle plate. It also comes with a recipe book which I recommend you go through to try all the amazing dishes that you can get from the big boss grill.