Date Added: 01/17/2012 by Tia

From reading many of the Aluma Wallet reviews i've discovered that most people seem to be extremely please with this product since it's stylish, inexpensive and provides a neat safety feature with the RFID protection against credit card number theft or identification theft. The aluma wallet does a great job of storing credit cards but isn't large enough to store something like a check book but then again how many people use checkbooks on a daily basis anyways. Nowadays I'll pay for 99.9% of my transactions with my mastercard or debit card so it's not like i need cash on hand. I even keep my house key in my aluma wallet. You really can't go wrong with this aluminum wallet since it works so well and for only $10 you can get two for the price of one with the current online offer. This keeps your money safe and keeps theives from stealing your personal information which some piece of mind you can have with the aluma wallet that you won't get with your typical leather wallets.