Date Added: 05/28/2011 by Paul

A friend of mine at workout bought me an Aluma Wallet for my birthday and I didn't know what to think of it, but after owning it now for over a month I have to say it's the coolest wallet anyone can own. You've probably seen this sleek, slim and lighweight wallet featured on television but I'm hear to tell you from my own personal aluma wallet review that it has many positive aspects to provide you. The aluma wallet is for both men and women, which is why i decided to order an additional aluma wallet for my husband who always seems to wear out his traditional leather wallets. Aluma Wallet really safeguards your cards from being misplaced or worse missing. What makes the alumwa wallet different than most other wallets is it's outer shell which is aluminum which protects you from people who are familiar with RFID's who steal your financial information from your bank cards or credit cards. The Aluma Wallet is quite spacious so you can fit many cards, coupons and money in this wallet. The Aluma Wallet isn't sold in any stores, at least that i know of and I know it comes in different colors but I could only get the wallet in silver when I purchased it for my husband. Apparently it now comes in red and black as well. What's really cool about the aluma wallet is that it has a built in coin dispensor for your coins. This wallet has more to offer than your traditional wallets and is well worth the price. Hope you found my aluma wallet review helpful and find out how great the aluma wallet is for yourself. I give the aluma wallet 6 stars because this wallet is truely amazing.