Date Added: 05/02/2011 by Carlie

I'm usually not really into As Seen on TV products but i thought the aluma wallet was pretty interesting. I saw the alumwa wallet at walmart but i wanted to buy it online since it was a little cheaper and plus i love online sihpping because you can save so much more money then shopping at stores. If found my aluma wallet to be pretty sturdy. I saw the alumwa wallet for sale at amazon and ebay as well but i decided to buy it from as well because they are a trusted company since i've used them before and very reliable as they only deal with the official as seen on tv products. I got my aluma wallet after about a week after i ordered and was glad i did. I find i can store so much in my aluma wallet and it keeps me pretty organized. I keep all my cash, cards, receipts and coins in my alumwa wallet. The 2 for 1 deal is definately a bargain as the alumwa wallet isn't expensive to begin with. Since it game with two of them i gave one to my husband and i kept one aluma wallet for myself. If you're looking for a wallet and want a solution that will keep you organized then the aluma wallet is the wallet you'll want to get. Currently the aluma wallet is selling for $10.99, i'm not sure where you can ever get a durable and stylish wallet for that price but it's a deal you really can't say no to.