Date Added: 03/21/2010 by Molly

What makes the Ab Circle so great is that it combines cardio with abdominal exercise and helping with our modern lifestyle of long hours, fast food and less activity. At least if your like me you sit in front of a computer ALL day long only to get up to grab snacks or food to eat at our desks and continue plugging away.

Obesity has become a major problem with North Americans and I decided I didnt want to reach a weight and end up with one of the many resulting diseases, life restricting or even life threatening conditions.

I needed to break that cycle and get off my ass and do something about it. The Ab Circle Pro did exactly that.This low-impact exercise machines is compact and can be setup in no time. Just after two weeks of regular use Im guaranteeing youll see inches melt off your waist-line by combining cardio exercise and abdominal exercise targeting the area we usually want to target most .. our mid-section. We want those abs!

Doing sit-ups can have a negative impact if theyre not done correctly. With the Ab Circle pro youll be off the floor, in a supported position, kneeling on all fours with proper form. You can finally get proper crunches even being in the position of all fours thats what makes this machine so fantastic.

This is one of my favorite purchases this year and I recommend this to anyone whether beginner or advanced. Start finding 20-30 minutes a day and dedicate yourself to the Ab Circle Pro .. you wont look back.